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Property Management: Elevating Your Investment Experience


At Selmar Group, we understand that successful real estate investments go beyond acquisition. That's why we offer comprehensive property management services designed to make your experience as hands off as possible.

With a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, we're committed to providing top-tier property management services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you own a single-family residence, a multi-unit complex, or a commercial property, we have the expertise to maximize your returns while ensuring the highest standards of tenant satisfaction.

Our Services Include:


• Tenant Screening and Leasing: Thorough background checks and in-depth screening processes to secure reliable, responsible tenants.

• Rent Collection and Financial Management: Timely rent collection and financial reporting to keep you informed and in control.

• Maintenance and Repairs: Proactive maintenance, swift repairs, and cost-effective solutions to safeguard your property's value.

• Legal Compliance: Ensuring that all tenant issues are compliant with the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario. We ensure all appropriate notices are delivered to tenants.

• Tenant Relations: Providing excellent customer service to foster positive tenant relationships, resulting in longer-term leases and reduced vacancies.


Experience the Selmar Group Advantage

With Selmar Group at the helm of your property’s acquisition, management and disposition, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is in capable hands. We're dedicated to maximizing your returns, minimizing your stress, and delivering a superior Real Estate Investing experience. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific investment goals.

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